Spring News

Happy Spring!  Yes, the temperatures have been colder than many of our winter days, but we are getting there.

It is a great time to be looking for employment and Appleseed is a great place to begin your search.  We have been placing qualified candidates with local businesses for 32 years.  We are committed to assisting both clients and applicants find the best solution to their staffing needs.  Call us to discuss how Appleseed may be the best fit for you!  Below are some tips to help you be a rock star on your first day of a new assignment with Appleseed…

Know where you are going.  You will be filled with nervous excitement on your first day, taking a wrong turn or not giving yourself enough time to get to the location is not the way you want to start.  If possible, take a drive the day before so you are sure to start your new assignment on the right track.

Introduce yourself with a smile as soon as you enter.  No one can resist a happy face!

We will do our best to give you all the details of your new assignment.  Take it a step further if possible and google the company where you will be working.  The more you know about where you will be working, the better.

Appleseed will make you aware of the dress code for each assignment, the rest is up to you.  Use good judgement in how you present yourself.  No offensive markings or writing on your shirt, we assure you, our clients won’t be amused.  Keep cologne to a minimum.  You never know if the person standing or sitting next to you is sensitive to smells.  We want you to smell good, just not that good.

Pay attention to the clocking or signing in procedure.  Tracking your time is how you get paid without complications.  Nobody wants to have pay day go wrong!  All time cards are due in our office by 10:00 on Monday morning.

If you aren’t sure, ask.  Don’t assume you will know everything on your first day, we don’t expect you to.  Listen to direction, do your best, but always ask if you are not sure.  Questions are far better than mistakes.

The staff is here to help make your new job a success.  Feel free to contact the office if you have questions or problems.  We love your success and work hard to make sure you get it.


Now that you have the tools for first day job success, come see us and let’s get started on getting you a first day!!

Happy Easter from the staff at Appleseed Personnel.