Why Does The Hiring Process Take So Long?

Why Does The Hiring Process Take So Long?Often it can seem like forever between applying for a job and being contacted by the prospective employer. Then, right when you’ve given up hope and assumed that the company is not interested, you get the call for an interview. With spirits lifted, you wait for the follow-up call. And wait, and wait, and WAIT.

So why does the hiring process take so long?

Unfortunately, a long waiting period after applying for a job is very common. In today’s job market, the hiring process can involve many steps. The company may have a lot of applicants and are spending time looking over resumes, calling and reviewing. Often approval is needed from multiple managers. Perhaps they have pursued one candidate, but now need to go back and interview others because the original candidate is no longer available or interested.

Another major stumbling block can be internal juggling of interview times and busy manager/interviewer schedules. Of course, reasons for delays can be different from company to company, but the unfortunate fact of the matter is that hiring today is an often complicated process that takes longer than we’d like it to. The larger the company, the more likely the process will take a long time.

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